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Eliza here! I am a whimsical mixed media artist and creative flow mentor. That’s quite the mouthful, eh? And you may be wondering how all that even ties together.

It actually does. Here’s my story …

I spent hours as a child creating … doodles, clay sculpture, pen illustrations, soft sculpture, even song composition and lyrics. I lived my life purely through intuition and creative flow.

Then something happened. I became an adult. My life became too ‘noisy’; I could no longer hear my intuitive voice.  My creative flow got blocked with self-doubt and self-criticism.

In my late thirties, I started to find my way back through journal writing, meditation and Tarot reading. I re-learned how to trust my intuition

In my forties, I opened myself up to universal energies and became a channel for the wisdom of my guides.

The year I turned fifty, I set up a studio and started doing art EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Even if just for five minutes.

Two years later, I stopped trying to control my art and let my intuition inform the process and images. BAM! The flood gates opened and my creativity flowed freely.

Now, it brings me great joy to be both an artist and a creativity mentor. I get to continuously create my own journey myself AND guide other women to create their own awesome journeys.

Life is beautiful. Let the creativity flow!

~ Eliza Fayle

Let’s Connect!

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