Creative Mystery of Female Energy

Lilith is the first in my mixed media Primal Women series. It is interesting she chose to reveal her story to a man. The Lilith of Old isn’t that keen on men, with good reason. This Lilith of Now, however, chose to speak to my friend, Sepp. She advised him to look at the mystery of the female side and include that in his creative work, whatever that may be. A good message for Sepp. A good message for all of us, men and women.


In terms of my creative process, it is a message I had to learn over time.

As a child, I simply created. I didn’t think. I didn’t analyze. I just trusted that something awesome would be born. As a teenager and young adult, male energy started to slip in. I started to think about what I was creating. I only allowed myself to copy other people’s work, never producing anything original. Eventually, I stopped doing art altogether, because my masculine energy mind was too busy comparing to other people’s creations.

When I returned to art at the age of fifty, I was pretty analytical about it. Copying Zentangle patterns was fun and the way in which I used them was creative. However, there was still a lot of thinking involved and my art was lacking in depth.

Then I learned about intuitive painting and art journals. I had to rely far more on my female energy because this style of painting is all about making decisions totally in the moment. Still, I analyzed other artists’ work for inspiration. My art was good, but it had a generic intuitive painting look to it.

One day, I felt the chain binding my creativity to my masculine side snap. It was almost a physical sensation. SNAP! Now I use that male energy to decide up front what style of art I am going to do. “Illustrations today? Mixed media? Watercolour?” However, from there I grab my supplies and totally go with the female energy flow.

Now my art is chock-a-block full of layers, and colours, and textures and images. How each artwork evolves into a finished piece can only be explained as coming from a place of deep female mystery. In other words, I have no freaking clue how I get from blank canvas to completed painting; it just happens.

Lilith’s message to Sepp is pretty blatant … “Hey dude, even guys need to tap into the mysteries of female energy in order to create awesomeness!” … but it is more subtle to us gals. After all, we are women, so you would think that our creations naturally come from female energy. Not necessarily so, my lovelies. We can over analyze our creative process just as much as men. Maybe even more so as old patterns of doubt and perfectionism come up.

Calm that male energy, my lovelies. Or better yet, compartmentalize it. It has its place to provide our creativity with frameworks and structures, but once those are in place, disconnect from it. Embrace the mystery of your female energy, and watch yourself create awesomeness.

~ Eliza

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